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Telo-Revers Pharmacy Inc. is a proud sponsor of the "Revers Financial Burden" Scholarship Fund.
Telo-Revers Academy is the first PTCB accredited learning facility in El Dorado Hills to offer a 12-week Pharmacy Technology program designed by real industry specialists with real-world student education as a focus. Our school does not focus on profit margins or class sizes but instead on giving back to our industry with a solid knowledge base for new technicians and giving back to our community by increasing the amount of specialized workers.

Our board could think of no better way to truly give back to the community than to offer scholarship programming for our at-risk or disadvantaged community members.  Qualified candidates must have a high school diploma/GED/HES (or be receiving one within the next 3 months), have a clean criminal record, have an interest in medical sciences, be able to pass an entrance exam consisting of basic algebra and English skills, have transportation and ability to attend classes.

In addition to the basic entry qualifications, the student should have some qualifying factor that creates a hardship to receive continuing education, ie. homeless youth, single mother, chronic state aid recipient, in recovery or child of someone in recovery, etc. They should also be willing to share their success story at alumni events after graduation. 


Financial Assistance: News



Family & Friends of Alumni and employees may be eligible for Academy tuition assistance. 
Contact us for more information.

Must have proof of alumni status



Telo-Revers is a proud supporter of our troops and their families. Take advantage of 10% off any of our classes or courses with military ID. 


*We do not currently accept the GI Bill but we are a vendor for rehabilitation benefits through the VA. 




Telo-Revers Academy does not currently take Federal Financial Aid.

Please Contact us directly should you have an extreme financial burden to discuss qualifying payment plans for your situation

*Based on individual assessment, may not be available to all students.

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