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TeloRevers Academy provides an enriched and diverse learning environment for our students. Founded in 2018, our Pharmacy and Healthcare Higher Learning, Continuing Education and Administrative Classes enjoy only the most cutting-edge technologies.  We pride ourselves on offering the 4 facets of education : Knowledge, Skills, Relevant and Immediately Useful Information. Our teachers are passionate, experienced and eager to pass on everything they know.

Telo-Revers Pharmacy Inc. was founded on the ideals of helping patients to be their best self. Our name, Telo-Revers, is derived from the root word for Telomeres. The Telomere is a component of the chromosomes that make up DNA, primarily responsible for aging of our cells. Telo-Revers is always working on new ways to engage our bodies, minds, and spirits allowing us to conquer the effects of aging. As part of this effort Telo-Revers is a proud sponsor of Professional and Continuing Education programs that stimulate the brains need to continually grow and develop to avoid complacency deterioration. Our educational programs hold true to this higher standard with highly experienced professional from various fields to better prepare our students. We offer an all-inclusive tuition that includes uniforms, books, externships, and PTCB testing. 

At TeloRevers Academy, we encourage all phases of education. During our 12 week Pharmacy Technician program you will gain knowledge and practical skills. Classes include: Algebraic & Pharmaceutical mathematics, brand-generic identifiers, LASA Drugs, Insurance Auditing, Standard & Unit Dose drug packaging, Chemical & Drug Compounding, IV & Chemotherapy Preparations, & PTCB Test Preparation.

We also offer full size meeting rooms with full service amenities for private and public use. We encourage the use of our on site laboratories and library to engage students. We offer a full on-site educational staff to assist in presentations. We also are proud of our partnerships with our featured Learning Centers and private speakers that offer year-round administrative classes for our current professionals. To arrange a tour of our facilities or book your event please do not hesitate to give us a call!

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